Saturday, May 29

Greetings From San Francisco

Or, to be more precise: Greetings from the massive, temple-like Apple Store near Union Square in San Francisco. Britt and I (and the baby elephant, of course) arrived last night at around 3:30 a.m. Tampa time, which is just half past midnight out here on the West Coast. We're now checking our e-mail and checking out the latest Apple gear before meeting Britt's pal Steve for lunch. Later today, we're hooking up with Craig, my friend from grade school in London.

While you're online, why not check out my lastest masterpiece: "An Economic Force."

Wednesday, May 26

... That's Why I Hang My Hat In Tennessee

Minnie Pearl look-a-likes! Giant talking pigs! Irregular peaches! Check out the brand-spanking-new Nashville photo gallery.

Saturday, May 15

Daal's Pop Is Back

Greetings, all. Daal has a lot of exciting activities planned for the summer, so he asked me to take over the Daily Dave again. He did a very good job during my blogging hiatus, didn't he? He's such a bright elephant calf -- his dad and I are very proud of him.

I'm fiddling with the design once again. Click the comment link to tell me what you think.

Friday, May 7

my first year of school is over. i got my first-ever report card! here's what it says:

Mitchell Elephant Elementary School
Tampa, Florida
Report Card

Student name: Daal Simanoff-Shirley
Term: 2003-2004 school year

Course ... Grade
English ... A+
Spanish ... A+
History ... A+
Math ... A+
Music ... A+
Art ... A+
Gymnastics ... A+

Daal is very advanced for his age. He has shown an aptitude for English and math, and loves art, music and gymnastics classes. Daal is a good student because his parents encourage him.

Daal can get a little sassy at times, but he is usually well behaved and very attentive in class.

Next year, we’ll work on Daal’s spelling skills -- he often misspells names of cities -- and tackle some more advanced gymnastic techniques.

dad and pop are so proud of me! we had collard greens and peanuts for dinner to celebrate.