Thursday, June 17

It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be Here Overnight (I Hope)

Could my brand-spankin'-new iBook arrive at my doorstep tomorrow morning? Perhaps! According to the FedEx Web site, the package arrived in Orlando a little after 7 p.m. tonight; it is presumably on its way to Tampa right now.

My fingers are crossed.

The new iBook is already a world traveler, having gone from a factory in Tao Yuan, Taiwan; to the Taiwanese capital of Taipei; to Anchorage; then to Indiapolis; on to Memphis; and just recently to Orlando.

The new iBook is a gift to myself for my 32nd birthday, which approaches much too rapidly for comfort.


Watson "America's Favorite Cat" said...

Ah, the all American product from Taiwan

Dave said...

And, Watson, where is your Dell computer made?