Wednesday, July 28


I wonder which Simpsons character is coming out of the closet. Smithers would be the obvious choice, but what about Principal Skinner (who still lives at home with his mother) or Troy McClure (whose loveless marriage to Aunt Selma helped revive his acting career)?

Monday, July 19

Friday, July 16

Run For Office

Another two-dimensional candidate announces he's running for office.


My search for a new computer bag is over.

Wednesday, July 14

July 14 Haiku

Marie Antoinette
Would have us eat cake, that bitch!
Happy Bastille Day

Tuesday, July 13

Jeffersons Haiku

Isabel Sanford
Is truly movin" on up.
RIP, Weezie.

Thursday, July 8

No Surprises Here

Here are the results from the "Which Family Guy Character Are You" Quiz:

Which Family Guy character are you?


You are a strong black woman who has a very easy time controlling your man. You usually hurt your husband while having sex with him.

Personality Test Results

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Thursday, July 1

Dressed To The Nines

Daal dressed up for my birthday:

Isn't he cute in his party hat and bow tie?


Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday, dear Dayyyy-vidddddd,
Happy birthday to me.

I'm not the only person expecting cake today. According to the folks at Yahoo!:
-- Liv Tyler is 27.
-- Missy Elliott is 33.
-- Pam Anderson is 37.
-- Alan Ruck is 48.
-- Dan Aykroyd is 52.
-- Fred Schneider is 53 (Tin roof rusted).
-- Deborah Harry is 59.
-- Twyla Tharp is 63.

If I could get all these folks together, we would have one bitchin' party!