Thursday, July 1


Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday, dear Dayyyy-vidddddd,
Happy birthday to me.

I'm not the only person expecting cake today. According to the folks at Yahoo!:
-- Liv Tyler is 27.
-- Missy Elliott is 33.
-- Pam Anderson is 37.
-- Alan Ruck is 48.
-- Dan Aykroyd is 52.
-- Fred Schneider is 53 (Tin roof rusted).
-- Deborah Harry is 59.
-- Twyla Tharp is 63.

If I could get all these folks together, we would have one bitchin' party!


Watson "America's Favorite Cat" said...

Meow meow to you
Meow meow to you
Meow meow to you, big brother
Meow meow to you

To my big brother, my literary agent, my well trained food getter and door opener, Happy Birthday.

Dr. Pauly said...

Happy Birthday, Skippy!