Friday, August 6

It's A Very Freaky Obit

Rick James' death has spurred a flurry of haiku:

Mrs. Varga (aka Said Sarah) wrote the first one:
Rick James was a freak
Farewell big pompadour hair
Say "hi" to Weezie.

My response:
Very freaky corpse --
Don't bring him home to mutha.
RIP Rick James

The complementary spouse wrote:
When did Rick James die?
I never heard anything
No more Super Freak?

And Jeff Houck (of Side Salad fame) penned these three gems:
At the pearly gates,
St. Peter tells Rick James he's
"Super freak-ay, yow."

In heaven, Rick James learns
Angelic bitches like to
Party all the time.

In Rick James' heaven
There's incense, wine and candles:
Such a freaky scene!


Jeff said...

I'm putting my hair in braids and beads in his honor.

Anonymous said...

five fingers, your face
together make a sound, slap!
I am Rick James bitch

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