Monday, August 16

Je Me Souviens

Greetings from Québec City, one of those few places on this planet where the postcards don't lie. Everything here is spectacular: stunning views of the St. Lawrence River, the eclectic mix of shops lining the cobblestone streets, the little parks and statues waiting behind every corner. And, of course, there's me, huffing like an asthmatic Big Bad Wolf after trekking to the top of the Citadel. Britt said there were 310 steps, but I know he's lying: there were at least 31,000 by my count. If the climb were any higher, I'd need Tenzing Norgay and a lot of canisters of oxygen.

Tomorrow: back to the flatter terrain of Montréal, where I can reward myself for such an active day in Québec by grabbing fistfulls of Tim Hortons donuts and cramming them into my face.

Incidentally, the Tim Hortons donut chain has a product that's much like the Munchkins at Dunkin' Donuts. They are called Tim Bits. I find this name troubling on several levels.


Anonymous said...

Tribby asks, "Do you ever stay home"? And didn't she read somewhere you were headed for UK (not one of the Commonwealth countries?)

The beer up there is also pretty good. BUT don't order a burger - they tend to be meat patties between slices of Wonder Bread - unless things have changed in the last couple of decades. Tribby would like that; you and Britt probably would not.

Send "Tom Bits." For 12 - 10 dogs and 2 humans....

Anonymous said...

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Dr. Pauly said...

Bon soir, Skipppeeeeeeeeeeeee!