Monday, September 5

Gift Shop

Yesterday, at the Holocaust Memorial Museum, I was taken aback to learn there was a gift shop. What kind of mementos could they offer, I thought. What would people want to take home? All sorts of horribly absurd ideas passed through my head: stuffed animals, coffee mugs, silly hats and the like. (Most absurd idea: T-shirts that said "My parents went to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and all I got was this stupid t-shirt.")

After touring the permanent exhibit, Britt and I peeked our heads into the gift shop. It wasn't anything like the Disneyfied horror I had imagined. There were tons of educational books and videos, a small selection of Jewish tchotchkes, and some post cards and posters highlighting the museum's architecture. I had feared the gift shop would make light of the museum's experience; instead, it highlighted that experience.

I bought a book, several post cards (as I am an architecture aficionado), and buttons saying "Remember" and "Never Again."


Michael said...

Considering there is a gift shop at Auschwitz, I am not surprised.

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