Saturday, January 21

Brokeback Snakes

Pauly McGuire sums up the extremes of Hollywood quite well in a recent post on The Tao of Pauly:

Gay cowboys. I heard there's a movie about gay cowboys. And it's not a period piece set in the West Village in the late 1970s. Gay cowboys. Real ones. How about Snakes on a Plane? Only in America can we export two different artistic expressions, both in the same medium, yet polar opposites in form.

Brokeback Mountain. Two guys in love. On horses. A western? A love story? A modern-day examination of frontier life?

Snakes on a Plane. Deadly snakes. On a plane. In the air. Nowhere to run to. Nowhere to hide. And a wise cracking Samuel L. Jackson saving the world from a plane full of snakes.

Someone had balls to make a movie about gay cowboys. Someone had the balls to make a movie about snakes on a plane. There are some risk takers in that town. Maybe one will take a shot at me.

In my humble opinion, Hollywood won't reach the apex of its creative potential until it greenlights a film about gay snakes on a plane. I'd hire Pauly to write the screenplay.

Thursday, January 19

Photos Redux

Britt and I have upgraded to iLife '06, and I've been playing with Apple's new Web page program, iWeb.

Take a gander at my totally redesigned photo galleries!

Check out this shiny spiffyness:

Pretty fancy, eh?

Defying Description

I was a little shocked to log onto the St. Petersburg Times Web site this afternoon to find a rather incongruous headline posted over a picture from "Brokeback Mountain":

Take a closer look:

That's right! The headline above the photograph says "'Wicked' fun." Having seen "Brokeback Mountain," I can attest that this film is spectacular, moving, heartbreaking -- but, by no means, could it be called fun.

And don't get me started about "wicked."

Of course, it was a mistake. Clicking on the headline led to a story about "Wicked," the musical prequel to the "Wizard of Oz," which is now playing here in Tampa. When I checked back a few minutes later, "'Wicked' fun" had been changed to "Oscar Contenders." I figure I caught the Web site during the brief period before the text was updated but after a new photograph had been placed on the page.

Given all that's going on these days, though, I wouldn't be surprised if many people visiting the Web site at the same time would find the headline appropriate for the photograph.

Sunday, January 8

Help Pauly!

America's Favorite Freshman Year College Roommate Pauly McGuire thinks his poker blog, The Tao of Poker, deserves an award.

And he's right.

I'm hardly a poker buff, but Pauly's a great writer and his blog is always interesting. He deserves all the credit and attention he can get.

If you haven't seen the Tao of Poker yet, check it out. Then help Pauly out by nominating his site for the 2006 Bloggie awards.

To nominate Pauly, just just go to the Bloggie Web site and fill in "The Tao of Poker" and "" in the appropriate categories. I'm nominating Pauly for best topical blog, best writing, and best kept secret.

Good luck, Pauly!

New Photos

Check out my new photo galleries to find photos from Alabama, the Bucs-Redskins game, and Lights on Tampa.


You can also see some new photos (including my cameraphone gallery) at my Flickr page:

Tuesday, January 3

Letter From A Birmingham Airport

Greetings from Birmingham International Airport (in Alabama, not Britain), where Complementary Spouse Britt and I are waiting for a plane to bring us home after a fun four-day surprise New Year's weekend with my 'rents and brother in Huntsville.

The waiting are here is warm, stuffy, crowded and and, as required by law, filled with screaming babies. Every single plane going into and out of the the airport seems to be delayed, thanks to all that nasty weather in the northeast throwing every airlines' scheduled out of whack.

There are a lot of iPods here. I have spotted two 5G iPods (one black, one white), plus one 4G iPod, two minis (one pink, one green) and a lot of white earbuds.

On our way from Huntsville to the airport, Britt and I stopped by the 16th Street Baptist Church and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. The church was closed, but the BCRI museum was quite interesting. I knew that Birmingham was the South's most fiercely segregated city, but before today I had no idea that the city was so segregated that there were even separate hearses -- yup, hearses -- for blacks and whites. Plus, even though I've heard the stories and seen the video footage countless times, I'm always shocked by the bombings and barbarism that blacks had to go through in the South -- including the brutality of folks like Bull Connor. The thing that always flabbergasts me the most, though, is the realization that all these things didn't happen that long ago.

And, if not for some brave individuals who were willing to sacrifice everything for what they believed, things might not be that different today.

Sunday, January 1

Happy New Year

It's 2006 already back home in Tampa ... but here in Huntsville, where complementary spouse Britt and I are visiting my brother and parents, we're still stuck back in 2005.

Time travel -- it's not just for science fiction movies any more.