Sunday, March 26

A Musical Mismatch

Musical mismatch
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"Wow Hits 2006: 30 of the Top Christian Artists and Hits," is located next to the soundtrack to "Brokeback Mountain" in Target.

Weather Report

Goodbye, cool weather. You are leaving us tomorrow. I will see you again at the end of fall.

Hello, heat and humidity. I am your bitch for the next six months.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in Britain. Especially my mom!

Friday, March 24

Apprentice Wannabes

Lining up to be fired
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Several hundred people auditioned for "The Apprentice" this morning at the News Center. They were all jonesing for caffeine. I should have sold cups of Starbucks coffee for $5 each. I would have told each customer "You're wired!"

Monday, March 20

The Fairy Bird Feeder

Fairy bird feeder
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Because effeminate birds need food too.

Farewell Brent

Brent has just been fired from "The Apprentice." Britt and I are shocked, shocked, I tell you!

Bringing Up Baby

Thursday, March 16

Movie News

I hear Janet Jackson has been cast in the next "Chronicles of Narnia" film. It will, apparently, be called "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe Malfunction."

Friday, March 3

Czech Rate

Here's how I'm converting Czech korunas into U.S. dollars here in Prague:

1. Find the koruna price.
2. Remove the last two digits.
3. Divide the remaining figure by four.
4. Sense I've done something wrong. Scratch head.
5. Start again with the full price.
6. Remove last two digits.
7. Multiply that figure by four.
8. Scratch head again as I realize that while I'm pretty close to the dollar price, I'm still off by a few bucks.
9. Shout out, "Hey Britt, how much is this in dollars?"
10. Britt effortlessly divides the koruna price by 23.7 in his head, as he is a super-genius at math, and then he tells me the answer.

My system is working pretty well so far. Well, everything except steps 1 through 9.