Friday, June 30

Third Eye, Not Blind


Starbucks People-Watching

The woman sitting across from me at Starbucks this morning has two books: she's reading "The Devil Wears Prada," and a well-worn dog-eared study Bible sits on the armrest. The common link between both books? The devil, of course.

Work-Related Mentos Fun

Here's what I admire about coworker Rich Mullins: He found a way to turn a supermarket science experiment -- dropping Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke -- into an assignment for work. Clever guy!

Here's a pic I took with my cameraphone:

Mentos + Diet Coke = fun

Jeff Houck has even more photos here. For the full-on audio-video experience, check out the video on

Thursday, June 29

Trunks Of Fury

If you worried about my mental health before, then you're going to be really concerned now. Check out the world's first comic about Daal the baby elephant and his little friend, Little Elephant.

I either need psychiatric help or a publisher. Probably the former.

Saturday, June 24

New Photos from the UK and Ireland

Croeso! Photos from Britt's and my recent trip to Wales, England and Ireland are now online. Check out the gallery here.

Baby Mine

I saw "Dumbo" for the first time this week. Yes, I know it's shocking that I hadn't seen the film previously, given Britt's and my love for all things elephant-related.

A few thoughts:

-- The film's pacing and structure seem dated, especially compared to modern films.
-- The African-American cariactures (ie. the murder of crows) are an unfortunate element of this film. I found them distracting. I would have hoped for a little bit more enlightenment from Walt Disney and his band of artists.
-- I was surprised by the film's emotional strength. For example, after Dumbo's mother is caged (for trying to protect her son, of course), I hated the other adult elephants who shunned Dumbo. It wasn't just a passing thought -- I really hated these cruel, vile creatures and I wanted pain and humiliation to come to them. At the end, when these same vicious animals are singing Dumbo's praises, I hated them again.
-- More proof of the film's emotional strength: the scene in which Mrs. Jumbo, chained and caged, can't see her son but touches him, and holds him in her trunk, nearly made me bawl. I'm a 33-year-old man. A 65-year-old kids' movie shouldn't push me to the verge of tears.
-- My reaction to the film has me thinking about how films can manipulate viewers' emotions. Were the filmmakers conspiring to make their audience angry or sad -- or was I just responding to strong, honest storytelling? I haven't quite thought this through yet.
-- The last few minutes of "Dumbo" are, in my view, some of the most joyous scenes I've ever seen in a film.

Here's a look at the trailer for the "Dumbo" DVD:

Add the Dumbo trailer to your site at the Dumbo Website

Wednesday, June 7

Today, I Am A Man

Nearly 21 years after my Bar Mitzvah, I can finally claim that I am no longer a child. My one remaining baby tooth is gone.

Yes, today I am a man.

Here's an X-ray of the baby tooth, taken just minutes before my dentist extracted it. Note how the baby tooth doesn't have any roots:

Dave's baby tooth, before extraction

In case you're wondering, I never lost this baby tooth because there was no adult tooth waiting in my gums to push it out. It's always been a little bit wobbly, but has never caused me any problems or pain. At least, not until this weekend, when suddenly it began to hurt like hell when I ate. Also, I could rock the tooth back and forth with my tongue or fingertip.

My dentist, Dr. Buckenheimer, gave me a nice shot of novacaine and then yanked the tooth out of my mouth without much effort. Here's what it looked like after he cleaned it up a bit:

Dave's baby tooth, free at last

Sadly, I can't put the tooth under my pillow tonight: it's back in my mouth right now, serving as a temporary until a bridge can be installed. Nonetheless, I'm expecting one heck of a big payout from the tooth fairy. I anticipate hundreds -- nay, thousands of dollars. And, quite frankly, I'll need every last cent to pay for the damn bridgework I now need so desperately.

Tuesday, June 6

Attention Tooth Fairy

I am 33 years old and I'm about to lose my last baby tooth.

Yup, you heard right. Don't ask. It's a complicated story.

I asked some coworkers and they said that a five-year-old can expect to get $5 from the Tooth Fairy these days. So, I figure I should get at least $33. But, with interest and other charges, I'm hoping for at least $500.

Sunday, June 4

Alive At The Airport

I recently spotted the following book at a newsstand at Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport:

Unrequired reading

I think it's just a tad inappropriate for an airport bookstore to carry titles about Uruguayan Air Force's Flight 571. It's a little bit like showing "The Poseidon Adventure" on a cruise ship, don't you think?