Sunday, September 10

Thirteen Again

It's a good thing I'm not triskaidekaphobic. After posting a list of the 13 things that went wrong these past few days, Britt and I went to dinner at IHOP and the check was -- drumroll please -- $13.13.

The Glass Is Half Empty

Given my current state of mind, it's not entirely surprising that I can go to a wonderful NLGJA convention and hang out with wonderful people and still compile in my head a list of everything that went wrong.

And here is that list:

1. When I checked into the hotel on Thursday, I as given room 929 – with two double beds, but an OK view. We reserved a room with a king-size bed.

2. Went back to front desk and was given room 503 – which had a king-sized bed but a horrible view. We overlooked parking decks, satellite dishes and a rather uninspiring stretch of Collins Avenue.

3. Realized soon after being reassigned to room 503 that I had left my sunglass clip in room 929. Had to return to front desk, then head up to the ninth floor and wait for security officer to let me in. Sunglass clip was on the nightstand.

4. Called to complain about the view. Was told that no other rooms with king-size beds were available.

5. Called Britt to tell him about the room. He looks online and finds that, in fact, there are lots of rooms with king-size beds available at the hotel. I call back and point out that other rooms with king-size beds are available on the Web site, but man on other end of the phone explains that I can’t be moved into those rooms because we’re paying a special convention rate. I explain that (a) we reserved our room early and (b) the hotel was at fault for saving a room with two double beds for us in the first place. I am told that I am in fact staying in a better room now, which I have a hard time believing is the truth, and give up.

6. On Friday morning, a pen leaked all over my right hand. I didn’t realize it until I got blue ink all over the right size of my brand new white MacBook. I was able to clean most of the ink off, but there’s still a blue smudge to the right of the trackpad.

7. On Friday night, I tripped outside. I placed my hands in front of me to cushion my fall, and as a result I hurt my wrists when I landed. Also I bruised my ego.

8. In the fall, I dropped my camera on the coquina floor. It survived, but some my pictures now look a little fuzzier and grainer than they did before. However, some photos seem just fine. Now I don’t know if I should buy a new digital camera or not – it seems wasteful to replace something that’s not entirely broken. It’s quite probable that the camera is fine and I’m being overly critical of the photographs because I’m looking for flaws. I wish it were flat-out busted so that I would feel justified in buying a new digital camera.

9. Five minutes after tripping, I tripped again. This time it was in the hotel gift store, and I nearly took out an entire display of overpriced tacky souvenirs.

10. Britt and I were outbid on almost everything we wanted at the NLGJA annual silent auction, including the Hotel Elysée package we have won the past two years.

11. When we checked out, the trainee behind the desk didn’t return Britt’s American Express card. We didn’t realize it until we were in the taxi and halfway to the airport.

12. When Britt called the hotel to report his missing American Express card, the first person he spoke to had a so-what-do-you-want-us-to-do-about-it attitude. Britt then spoke to the desk worker, who said she had turned it in to security and would cut it up if we wanted.

13. Sitting in the American Airlines Admirals Club, we realized that we left our Airport Extreme (the portable gizmo that lets us share a single Internet connection and set up a wireless hotspot in our room) at the hotel. Britt called the hotel back; they called us about 20 minutes later saying they had found the Airport Extreme and would mail it to us.

I don't suffer from triskaidekaphobia, but I'm a little unnerved to discover my list has exactly 13 items on it. Still, it's something of a relief to focus on everyday annoyances instead of the big stuff.