Tuesday, May 8

Flowers From Britt

At work, the surprises are rarely good.

Today was an exception.

A long package arrived for me, and I was a little disconcerted when I saw the FTD Mercury logo on the box. Reporters aren't supposed to accept gifts. When I get one, I'm always uncomfortable.

It was delightful, then, to discover the 18 roses inside came from Complementary Spouse Britt Shirley -- who's currently half a world away, leading students on a travel study course through Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Why? Just because.

One rose didn't survive the trip: it arrived disconnected from its stem, rolling around inside the FTD delivery box. Another rose was plunked into a makeshift vase (a rinsed-out plastic diet Coke bottle) and went to Mary Shedden, who, I felt, needed something cheery today because she's having a stressful week. The remaining 16 roses are now sitting on my desk, and have started to bloom beautifully.

Here's a picture:

Flowers from Britt

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