Saturday, May 5


I'm not sure what to make of the do-not-disturb sign we encountered at the Embassy Suites Buckhead in Atlanta last weekend.

The wording just seems a little off to me. I know it's probably supposed to sound cutesy, but it seems just a little sinister. The implicit message, I think, is that we, the people staying in the room, are involved in something so nasty, perverse or sickening that you, the housekeeping staff, wouldn't even want to venture in.

If I were on the outside of that door, I'd definitely want to know what was happening inside!

Also, the tone of the message rubs me the wrong way, too. It seems to imply that the people who are hanging the do-not-disturb sign know what's best for the people who will see the do-not-disturb sign. "There's a good reason for you not to knock right now," it says -- but it doesn't share the reason with you. The suggestion of secrecy and superiority doesn't sit well with me.

I suppose in these days of hotel überbranding, when even the signage on the free breakfast buffet strikes a conversational tone (cf. Hampton Inn), a do-not-disturb sign that reads "Do Not Disturb" would be considered too plain, too convention, too unsophisticated.

Another discovery at the Embassy Suites: the hotel soap smells exactly like Pez candy. Exactly. It made me hungry for Pez. In fact, I bought the first Pez dispenser I saw after we got home and munched through three packets of those brick-shaped candy tablets. They smelled like Embassy Suites soap. They were delicious.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing sinister about the wording on the Embassy Suites' `Do Not Disturb` Sign... obviously they are trying to put a clever spin on the boring old sign. Maybe you have a dirty mind based on your interpretation. I never would have come to your conclusions!

That is a really good hotel in the Buckhead district of Atlanta.... and more affordable than most in the area.

Don't try to read too much into innocent things. If you visit Hong Kong or Bangkok, you'll see some really bad, but humorous translations! Just go with the isn't a big deal.