Saturday, May 5

Look Who's On MySpace

I have a MySpace page. I don't check it that often, but I'm pretty sure I've never been named one of MySpace's Cool New People like Krystal ... or TrOJaNs!!!! ... or Rudy Giuliani ...

Sadly, Rudy's actual MySpace page is bereft of information. I was hoping to learn what his favorite Fall Out Boy song is.

Update: All the major presidential candidates are on MySpace! It's kind of weird. For some of politicians, it actually seems kind of cool -- they are trying to engage young voters just as Bill Clinton did by appearing on MTV and the Arsenio Hall show when I was a young pup back in 1992.

For other politicians, though, the mere concept of setting up a MySpace page seems utterly ridiculous. It's just ... how to describe it ... it comes across like a fading hipster who's trying desperately to convince kids that he's into youth culture, even though everyone knows the hipster hasn't bought a new album since the John Tesh greatest hits compilation came out years ago.

So, should I be sad or excited to see the '08 candidates lining up on MySpace? I can't make up my mind yet. For most of the candidates, the MySpace pages seem awkward -- like they're that have just shown up for their first junior high dance, loitering quietly off to the sides because they don't know yet what they're supposed to do there.

Just for the record -- as I am a reporter and I want to preserve my objectivity -- I want to point out that I'm fascinated by politicians on MySpace because of what it says about marketing, campaigning and the American media landscape. I'm intrigued by the AdWeek implications, not the Newsweek ones.

If you want political insight, you shouldn't bother looking for it here anyway. I mainly write haiku about donuts and deadlines, and share cameraphone pictures that make me laugh.

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