Friday, May 25

Showing Off My Schmuck

After writing my recent story about assholes in the work place (cf. this story and this blog posting), I got an e-mail message from a woman who chastised me for using schmuck in my story, as the word is Yiddish for penis.

Here was my reply:

I didn't know we had readers that spoke Yiddish!

I know where
schmuck comes from -- I'm a nice Jewish boy, after all -- but the word has been adopted into English to mean basically the same thing as jerk.

My goal was to find another word that people commonly use to describe irritating people. I wasn't trying to be a jerk -- or a schmuck, for that matter. I'm very sorry if you were offended.

I didn't want to sound too confrontational, so I left out a sentence saying that if she were to look up schmuck in the dictionary, she'd see I'm right. I also didn't include the following photo of me pointing out my favorite store in Budapest:

Dave points out a Schmuck

It was a jewelry store.


SM said...

Maybe only schmucks buy jewelry in that store. Did you check the prices? Perhaps the owners of the store were schmucks in more than name.

Anonymous said...

"Schmuck" is also the German word for jewelry.