Thursday, June 7

Die, Salton Sea, Die!

A recent Newsweek article describes efforts to revive the Salton Sea in California. Britt and I have visited the Salton Sea. It is a horrible place, filled with the stench of a million rotting fish.

Here, as you may recall, is the memo I wrote after that visit:

To: Salton City Chamber of Commerce
From: Dave
Date: Saturday, Feb. 17, 2007
Subject: Marketing

After visiting Salton City for the first time today, I have thought of a marketing tagline to help promote your community to tourists. It is:

Salton City:
Come for our pungent sewage-like scent,
Stay for our festering fish corpses

What do you think? I believe we've got another "What Happens In Vegas..." or "I (Heart) NY" campaign on our hands!

And here are some of the delightful photos I took. Look closely and you'll see decomposing fish. Quite frankly, I'm surprised that the toxic air didn't warp my camera lens. Five minutes near the Salton Sea left me feeling nauseated for about half an hour.

So spend all you want, California businesspeople and politicians! You are not going to get me anywhere near your Salton Sea again anytime soon. If I want to relive the Salton Sea experience, I'll just peel open a tin of sardines, let them sit in the sun all day, and then chug a bottle of ipecac syrup.

Update: Britt says that any attempt to recreate the Salton Sea experience must also include the smell of sulfuric acid. How could I have forgotten this?

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Britt said...

The Salton Sea really is beautiful from a distance, like from the window of an airplane flying 30,000 feet over it.