Tuesday, June 5

I Am The Champion Again

Once again, my degree in English from Emory University (combined with my vast knowledge of useless information and my ability, like billions of other people, to type things into Google) has proven handy. I am one of the winners of this week's Entertainment Weekly Popwatch Headscratcher Challenge. I knew what William S. Burroughs, Lewis Carroll, Stephen Crane, Aldous Huxley and George Bernard Shaw all have in common -- they're all depicted on the Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album cover.

Coincidentally: There is a song on "Sgt. Pepper's" called "When I'm Sixty-Four," and Paul McCartney, one of the Beatles is 64 years old, and, at this very moment in time, I'm sitting in a Starbucks and listening to music from McCartney's new album, "Memory Almost Full." This is proof that there is a Higher Power at work in our universe, and It likes adult contemporary music. This bodes well for Norah Jones ... but not for the rest of us.

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