Friday, July 20

You Can't Stop The Duh (Updated)

I read an essay online today that faulted the new version of "Hairspray" for not being a full and accurate portrayal of the Civil Rights Movement.

Um, what? You were expecting verisimilitude from a musical drag comedy?

I don't remember the author's name, but I suspect he or she will diagnose the Simpson family with jaundice next week.

Update: I found the essay and read it again. It's located here at Newsweek Online. After rereading the article, I see that the writer's problem isn't so much that "Hairspray" isn't an accurate reflection of the Civil Rights Movement, but that it's not depressing enough for a film that's supposed take place during the Movement. Check out this sarcasm-laced excerpt:

"Yeah, there’s fun all over the place. In fact, the only thing threatening to ruin all the fun is the pesky civil-rights movement, which, inconveniently, happens to be taking place around the same time."

My thoughts, after rereading the article, haven't changed much.

To paraphrase my original response: Um, what? You were expecting Sturm und Drang from a musical drag comedy?

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