Wednesday, August 29

These Infant Clothes Can Stay In Las Vegas

As doting uncles, Britt and I scoured Las Vegas earlier this month for an appropriately tacky souvenir onesie for our nephew Ryland.

I was hoping to find an outfit that said "craps master" because, you know, that would ooze class.

Sadly, the tacky newborn clothes we found in Vegas were just a smidgen too crass for our tastes. Here's a sampling:

Here's some of the verbiage that belongs nowhere near my nephew:
-- "All daddy wanted was a backrub!"
-- "I look like the mailman"
-- "Mommy drinks because I cry"

Thwarted in our efforts to find fun, tacky, ironic gifts for our nephew, Britt and I decided instead we would buy toys and clothes from our favorite casinos and boutiques along the strip. Now we have bags of stuffed animals, bibs and onesies from the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Paris, the Bellagio and M&M's World. After our next visit, Ryland will look like Las Vegas' littlest high roller.

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