Monday, September 17

Watch Movies The Britt And Dave Way

A few years ago, I tested out Netflix for the Tampa Tribune. I don't recall exactly what I wrote in the review, but the gist was basically this: Netflix's online catalog was great, but DVD shipping times were much too long, and too many DVDs seemed to get lost in the mail.

Since then, I had heard that Netflix had expanded its logistics network, opening distribution centers around the country. Service improved. DVDs arrived promptly. Customers were raving about the company.

Eventually, I decided it was time to give Netflix another chance. Britt and I enrolled earlier this year, and we've been happy customers since then. Sometimes we'll watch our three DVDs over the course of a weekend. Sometimes days -- even a week -- will pass between movies. Since Netflix doesn't impose deadlines, there's no pressure to watch films. We pop in the DVDs when we're in the mood to see them.

Want to see Netflix for yourself? Britt and I can help. The company says we can invite friends and family members to test out the service free for one month. The deadline to sign up is Sept. 30.

If you sign up, Britt and I will get a free rental.

If you're curious, drop me a line or leave a message in the comments. I'll forward the e-mail message that you'll need to sign up for your free one-month trial.

I hope I'm not coming across like some kind of Amway salesperson. I'm not trying to pitch anything. All I'm saying is Britt and I have got one-month trial Netflix offers to distribute, and if you haven't tried Netflix yet, you might want to give it a go.

If you want one of these trial offers, let me know. If you don't, not a problem.

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