Monday, September 10

A Cost Plus World Market Shopping Spree

Britt, Lee and I went to Cost Plus World Market in Jacksonville Beach on Saturday. Cost Plus is one of Britt's favorite stores but, alas, there isn't one anywhere near Tampa.

I wouldn't describe myself as a Cost Plus fan, but I don't mind browsing there. There are always plenty of items that catch my attention.


This sock monkey looks like it just busted out of prison. Regrettably, it has chosen to hide among the green sock monkey frogs, which do not provide much camouflage.


In Vienna, you can't go five feet without running into yet another tacky souvenir shop selling Mozart Balls, unfortunately titled but quite tasty chocolate treats. Now you don't have to fly all the way to Europe to pop Mozart Balls in your mouth.


Candy tastes better when it's dispensed from a plastic rat.


My German is a tad rusty, but I believe the candy on the left is supposed to taste like "tropical fucks." The candy on the right is made out of kittens.


You know what sucks? When you're in a desperate situation and you reach for your trusty Swiss army knife, and it has melted in your pocket. That's what.


Lee and I were amused by the limited edition Elvis Pez dispensers. (That's Lee's hand in the photo.) I really wanted to but this, mainly so I could prove at some time in the future that such a thing actually existed.

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