Wednesday, September 19

Darren Aronofsky Has A Blog

Director Darren Aronofsky has a blog but, sadly, it's kind of barren.

Aronofsky created three of the most creative, original and thought-provoking films I have ever seen: "Pi," "Requiem for a Dream," and "The Fountain." He is more visionary than a boatful of Oscar winners. He tells stories in such a way that it's impossible to envision them as anything but films. They are visual, non-linear, coded with information, dense as novels, yet as perfectly paced as a symphony. I couldn't imagine Aronofsky living 150 years ago, forced to whittle down his vision so it fits on a printed page or onto a canvas.

Two things on Aronofsky's blog so far: news that he's close to committing to his next project (yay!), and a director's commentary to "The Fountain," which anyone can download for free and listen to as they watch the film.

I'm downloading the commentary right now. It's been six months since I saw "The Fountain," and I'm still haunted by some of the imagery in the film. There were so many questions I couldn't begin to wrap my head around. I hope Aronofsky's commentary doesn't turn out to be like the answer guides at the end of your high school math textbooks -- the resource you could turn to for all the answers. I don't want all the answers spelled out so easily for me. Instead, I'm hoping Aronofsky's commentary will help me discover the bits of information embedded throughout the the storylines, the scenery, the characters, the props and the dialogue.

One hour ago, I didn't know that Darren Aronofsky had a blog. Right now, I've posted a message on his Web site, and I've been inspired to write to write this post for my blog.

I don't entertain any illusions that Aaronofsky and I will somehow start up an e-mail dialogue, elevate that into an Internet relationship, and eventually become close friends. That's simply not going to happen. But it's possible that Aronofsky will see the short comment I left on his Web site. Perhaps he'll even smile at it. And that, just by itself, would be pretty cool.

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