Wednesday, September 19

The Doodles Speak!

Pat Kane passes along the following message:

Dear Daily Dave,

The staff of Mr. Doodle's Dog thank you heartily for your shout-out of this morning.

It was a generous gesture on your part, and the compliments ... we were pinching ourselves. "He's talking about us?"

You know better than most how difficult it can be to capture the firefly one let out into the yard some time ago. You know the firefly is out there, and you think you can catch it. But then, what do you do with it? Will the firefly still shine for you, or will the light and the magic have dissipated long ago?

We can see you're leading your own firefly around by its tail. Maybe we can do the same. The four of us, and there are four, have lots of ideas. If only we had someone at home with us full time to help us execute them.

Oh, well.

A big thank you, DD, and may your firefly always shine.

-- Nigel (celestially), Gimlet, Sammy (yawning) and Joe the Cat (waiting to go out and catch something other than a firefly. He likes bunnies.)

P.S. Please get word to Watson, if Nigel hasn't already, that we'll be contacting him for an interview once we've firmly re-established ourselves online.

Thank you, my canine and feline friends. I am certain that, where ever they may be right now, Nigel and Watson are collaborating on one heck of a project.

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