Wednesday, September 19

A Few Words About Jeff Houck

When I learned Jeff Houck had received a new fryolater -- is that the technical term? -- I suspected it wouldn't be long before he treated the office to something tasty.

I wasn't wrong.

On Monday, Jeff bought in a bag of homemade potato chips. They were flavored with rum and barbecue sauce and a bunch of other things, Jeff said. They were absolutely delicious -- 100 times better than anything that's ever come out of a Frito-Lay bag.

I told Jeff I'd pay money for his chips. Good money. On a reporter's salary, that's a huge compliment.

Really, I have nothing but compliments for Jeff. He's one of the most inventive and fun people I've met in the newspaper industry. Before he took over our Flavor section, I thought all food-related stories in newspapers were the same: white-haired ladies swapping casserole recipes. Jeff's Flavor sections are a feast of engaging features and interviews, all told in interesting ways.

Jeff's also the guy who decided one day it would be fun to take pictures of everyone he knew wearing sombreros and -- click! -- the Sombrero Project was born. He's a prolific blogger, and I check his wonderfully written Side Salad every day.

I'd like to think that I, in some small way, helped nudge Jeff into the world of blogging. I talked to Jeff about the original Daily Dave before Jeff started Side Salad. In fact, one of Jeff's earliest posts thanks me for recognizing his fledgling site on the Daily Dave.

Alas, the original Daily Dave was lost forever in the great Zombie-Unicorn Wars of 2003. (Give me a break -- if you don't know the real story, it was ancient history, and if you do know the story, you don't need to have me recount it for the n-teenth time.) However, if it were possible to peer back through the veil of space and time to Monday, Sept. 30, 2002, you would have seen this posting on the original DD:

Ah, I've enticed yet another person to the world of blogging. Please take a look at Jeff Houck's Side Salad. (I had nothing to do with the name.) It's kind of spartan now, but I'm expecting big things from Jeff's Side Salad. (Once again, let me repeat, I had nothing to do with the name.)

Thanks for your ingenuity and wit, Jeff. And, once again, thanks for the potato chips. I can't eat too many of them because I am now on Weight Watchers, but if you let me sneak a few chips every now and then, and agree not to tell Britt, I will remain in your fan club forever.

(Note to Britt: Anything you read here about potato chips falls under the Josh Turner rule. It is all a typo. I don't know from potato chips.)

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Jeff said...

I bow in humble reverence to my Blogfather.

It'll be 5 years on Sept. 30.

Where does the time go?

Congrats on putting TDD 2.0 on the defribrillator. Good to have you back and writing such great stuff.