Thursday, September 20

Happy Birthday, Pauly McGuire! (Updated)

If you're reading this in London, I order you to immediately stop what you're doing, find Pauly McGuire and treat him to a pint of beer (or two) for his birthday.

I'd do it myself, but I'm on the wrong continent.

Pauly deserves the beer. And the admiration.

Pauly was my freshman roommate at Emory University, which means he put up with me for an entire year. That's hard enough to do now that I'm ostensibly an adult, but back when I was pompous 18-year-old kid, it must have been murderous. (I'm only slightly less pompous now.)

Pauly had his faults, too. Loads of them. He wasn't an easy person to accommodate. We were both young and immature.

When Pauly and I got along, we got along famously. When we clashed, we were terrible to each other. I'd like to think that we both learned from those experiences.

Years later, I remember all the fun times clearly. I only remember bits and echoes of the bad times.

Pauly and I lost touch after college, but in 2002 he found the original Daily Dave (now lost somewhere in Loch Ness) and contacted me. We began e-mailing each other. Pauly started his own blog, the Tao of Pauly, which is still going strong. We finally met up again in January 2004 at the Cedar Tree, a famous bar in New York:

I'm proud of Pauly for ditching his miserable Wall Street job to focus on his writing. That difficult career decision has led him in surprising directions. He now writes professionally about one of his passions, poker. It's a lot of work, but it takes Pauly all over the world.

That's why Pauly is in London right now.

And that's why if you're in London, you should stop what you're doing, find him, and buy him a beer. For me. For his birthday.

Pauly, happy birthday. I'm glad we're no longer roommates. I'm even more glad we're friends.

UPDATE: People of London, stop looking for Pauly! He is now back in New York. I didn't know he had returned to the United States yesterday. I now expect the people of New York to immediately seek out Pauly and buy him many, many beers. (6:19 p.m.)


Dr. Pauly said...

Thanks Bro.

That meant a lot.

Being 18 was an awkward time. I wish I could have done a lot of things differently. But you said it best when the good spots are the ones that stick out the most... especially 17 years later. Some memories are instant and feel like they happened yesterday.

Like making fun of Ted Peck, or going to Dennys/Waffle House late at night, or jamming the stereo as loud as we could, making fun of Ted Peck, the Mock Hopkins Herald, making fun of Stan Panikowski's urine stained PJs, going to Dooley's Den at 2am for grilled cheese sandwiches, stealing Meredith Dudley's teddy bear and holding it hostage, making fun of Ted Peck, goofing on Joey and Ben from across the hall, and my favorite thing from freshman year... making fun of Ted Peck.

Thanks for the flashback. Hope all is well.


PS Im in NYC.

Dr. Pauly said...

Oh and it was the Cedar Tavern, not the Cedar Tree.

Sigge said...

Happy very belated birthday!