Friday, September 7

HD Is Not As Bitchy As I Might Have Suggested This Morning

An update to the item I posted earlier today:

The swirling high-definition graphics didn't seem quite as distracting today. It only took two takes to tape Saturday's business report segment. I did Monday's segment in one take.

Howwwwwever, I still am not fond of the idea of spraying makeup directly onto my face. Once I become accustomed to the idea of airbrushing cosmetics onto my skin, what's next? Canisters of spray paint? Spackle? Stencils and wainscoting?


tommyduncn said...

We like you as you are... can you go totally without the makeup?

Dave said...


Without the makeup, I would look like Jabba the Hutt.

This isn't meant as a self-deprecating comment.

Without makeup, everyone on TV would look like Jabba the Hutt.