Thursday, September 13

High-Ho-Hum Holidays

Last night's Rosh Hashanah service felt like a chore. I simply wasn't in the mood, I guess. I kept losing my place in the prayerbook. I didn't even try to read along with the Hebrew parts. I just felt unfocused and lifeless. I was going through the motions but nothing seemed to connect at a deeper level.

It was the spiritual version of Britney Spears' performance at last weekend's Video Music Awards, I suppose. (I haven't seen it, but the reviews I have read were just brutal.)

When I started coughing, Britt and I left. It turned out I just needed some water.

During the service, my mind kept drifting off. It would invariably end up at the same two thoughts:

1. The readings much have seemed so much different 100 years ago when the word Israel only meant the Jewish people, scattered at that time throughout the world. Today, it's impossible to hear the word and not think first of the country and its political situation.

2. Does my breath stink?

I'll be back at synagogue today for the second round of Rosh Hashanah services. I hope I'll be able to concentrate a little bit more. And I'll be bringing mints.

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