Thursday, September 20

iCave In

I broke down and bought a new iPod Classic with a 160 GB hard drive. I know I said I wasn't tempted by this new crop of iPods, but I just couldn't resist an iPod that runs for more than 40 hours on a single charge, and is capacious enough to accommodate all of my music and videos AND a full backup of my MacBook's hard drive, with room left over.

The old iPod goes on eBay this weekend. It will make someone else very happy: even though it's been all over the world, it looks and works just like it came out of the box. (Yes, I'm one of those anal retentive fussy people who always keeps his iPod in a case. Yes, I know it's inexcusable to hide an icon of industrial design inside a rubbery-plasticy shell. However, I also know that scratches are ugly, make even the most beautiful products look like shit, and drag down resale values.)

I didn't know what to name the new iPod, so I'm going with SkippyPod. That's the name of the last iPod, and the one before it. Apparently, my fervent gadgetlust hinders my ability to think of creative names.

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