Thursday, September 27

It's The Five-Year Anniversary Of The Infamous Balcony Boning Of '02

I've seen a lot of peculiar things at work. Five years ago today, I saw one of the most peculiar ones. Here's the post I wrote on the original Daily Dave on Sept. 27, 2002:

NEWS CENTER SEX! Talk about an afternoon delight -- a rather frisky couple were just having sex on their balcony at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Tampa, which sits directly across the Hillsborough River from the News Center. As intrepid investigative journalists, we felt it was our duty to observe (and mock) these people. As one of my coworkers put it, "It's better than watching the printer."

The hotel is a Sheraton now. Here's a recent cameraphone picture:

Site Of The Infamous Balcony Boning Of '02

If you click the photo, you'll be taken to my flickr page. I've added a note to the picture and identified the balcony where the festivities took place to the best of my recollection. I could be off by a floor or two, as I am an old man now and often can't remember what I ate for dinner last night.

When this happened in 2002, I remember someone asking if the couple were so stupid as to think that no one would have seen them. I pointed out that their balcony overlooked a massive four-story building that's brandished with a TV station logo, newspaper logo, topped with satellite dishes, and an NBC peacock perched on top of a weather tower. I said the schtuppers would have to be complete idiots if they didn't know they were performing in front of journalists in a building filled with cameras. Someone else pointed out that perhaps the couple wanted to perform in front of an audience in a building filled with cameras.

People are weird.

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Sarah V. said...

Ahhhh those were the days. :-)