Wednesday, September 19

Movie Math : Renaissance

I saw "Renaissance," a French-made English-language sci-fi film noir thriller, last night on DVD. It appeared to be one of those films where the actors are filmed in front of a green screen, and then their motions are used to produce an entirely computer-generated image.

Visually, "Renaissance" is done entirely in black and white. There isn't a single shade of grey on screen. It's an idea that may have sounded great in concept, but didn't quite pan out on screen, as sometime the effect was photorealistic and sometimes it was cartoony. The characters were hard to make out, but the scenery of a futuristic Paris comes across quite well.

The plot deals with a missing scientist (young, brilliant, beautiful), her even more beautful but less brainy sister, a headstrong police detective, and a powerful but sinister corporation. Yawn.

Here's the math: "Renaissance" = "Sin City" + "Blade Runner" - compelling story

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