Friday, September 21

Names, People. I Need Names.

One of my favorite things about writing the original Daily Dave was bestowing nicknames and titles upon the people who showed up regularly in the blog.

For example:

  • Michael Fechter, on different occasions, was referred to as Michael "Stop Your Lies" Fechter, Fech Walsea (apparently because of his leadership and vision), the Thieving Blog Dog (because of his "skillful harvesting of great articles from the Internet"), and Hannibal Fechter (because he once ate a census taker's liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti).
  • Doug Stanley also several nicknames and titles, including Ivana Grumpalot and America's Favorite Technology Writer Other Than Walt Mossberg
  • Cherie Jacobs was Miss Cherizon
  • Watson Simanoff was America's Favorite Housecat
  • Britt Shirley was the Complementary Spouse
  • Pat Kane was America's Favorite Domestic Terrierist. (You have to read that one carefully. She loves Fox Wire Terriers. Please, government, don't put her on any additional watch lists.)
Sadly, the original Daily Dave disappeared mysteriously sometime in 2003. No one fully understands what happened, but several scientists believe that chupacabras were involved.

Now that the Daily Dave 2.0 is up and running, I'm finding that many of my original nicknames and titles are no longer appropriate. Some people in new jobs, some are in new relationships, and some are incarcerated.

Britt, of course, remains the Complementary Spouse. I'm still struggling to find appropriate titles and nicknames for everyone else. I have started calling Cherie Mrs. Cherizon Featheringcobs (which rolls off the tongue beautifully like the most graceful of poems) and Mike America's Sweetheart (because he recently placed 2nd in the Miss Teen USA pageant), but I'm always willing to reconsider.

Any suggestions? Leave a comment.

1 comment:

Elise Gres said...

Cherazade, like Scheherazade...

I really like the name you've already got for me, with or without the "Lawyer-Turned" part.
But for variety:

Elise da Vinci :)
Fur Elise (the song)
Lotus Elise (such a speedracer, me)