Tuesday, September 11

Pitching Las Vegas

My pal Captain Steve recently admitted in an e-mail message he has never been to Las Vegas, and has no desire to go there.

Here was my response:

Oh, you've got to go to Las Vegas. It's totally insane. It's unbelievable the amount of effort that has been spent developing a spit of land in the desert, and watching the people there is like seeing a million crazy soap operas at once, all during sweep week. Everything is over the top -- the colors, the opulence, the garishness, the spectacle.

Like I said, you must go. To never set foot in Las Vegas is like never watching anything but PBS on teevee. Sometimes you've got to flip through the rest of the channels, and see the tits and car chases and infomercials, if only to appreciate the programming on PBS a little more.

When Captain Steve wrote back, he said he was more convinced than before that he didn't want to go to Vegas.

I should probably not recount this story if I ever interview for a job with the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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