Wednesday, September 19

Stop The Presses -- For A New Blog? I Don't Think So

A real estate broker in Florida issued a press release today to announce he's starting a blog. Wait, that's not quite true. The broker hired a public relations agency to issue a press release announcing that he's starting a blog.

This is considered newsworthy -- in 2007? What's next: a press release about a CPA that has just bought a Blackberry? Or one about a lawyer who just created a screen name on AOL Instant Messenger? These are professionals on the cutting edge of communications technology, people, and they deserve Page One stories in the newspaper.

Stop the presses -- somewhere in Florida, a mechanical engineer just discovered LinkedIn!

The broker and the PR agency aren't located in the Tampa Bay area, and I haven't covered residential real estate in ages, so I have no idea I even received the press released.

(Let me also state, as something of a disclaimer, that I don't think it's inappropriate to write a blog post that points out that such a press release is utterly ridiculous in 2007, especially considering that the parties involved aren't local. I have been sensitive to these kinds of issues ever since the original Daily Dave disappeared mysteriously along with Glenn Miller somewhere over the English Channel in 1944.)

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