Wednesday, September 5

Required Reading

Here's some stuff you might like to check out. If you don't visit these links, I will be disappointed and think you don't love me.

What? I'm Jewish. You didn't expect any passive aggressive behavior before 9 a.m.?

Photos from Puerto Rico
Now available for your viewing enjoyment.

The First-Half-of-2007 Travel Movie: There's really no reason why I made this, except that Apple has a new version of iMovie and I wanted to tinker with it. Please be aware that I will eventually take down this video when I produce the 2007 Travel Movie.

"Picture a New Life": This was the cover story in Monday's business section, and I had a lot of fun working on it. (Some links expire after about a month, and some do not. I hope this one remains active.) I enjoyed writing this story because Elise and Dan were great fun to interview. I've already written about my appreciation for Penelope Trunk, who is also quoted in the article. If you want to learn more about Elise, check out her professional Web site or visit her blog.

The home page: I'm still tinkering with it.

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