Tuesday, September 18

A Supernova Of Blogging Activity

It has been over a month since I have fallen back in love with blogging. I don't know what has made me so passionate about writing online again, but I'm just as excited about the Daily Dave now as I was when I started the thing in 2002.

You know there's going to be a chart, right?

This chart represents the number of posts I've written each month since relaunching the blog in December 2003. (What happened to the original Daily Dave? Nobody knows. It's one of those unsolved global mysteries, like Roswell and the Bermuda Triangle and Carmen Miranda's hat.)

As you can see, I started the new blog with a torrent of posts but lost interest quickly. You'll see a huge spike in posts starting last month. This month, which isn't even over, has been the most productive month in DD2.0 history.

What's the point in all this? One, I'm proud of myself for rekindling my enthusiasm for blogging and for reviving the Daily Dave 2.0. Two, I hope that people enjoy reading this drivel as much as I enjoy pounding it out. Three, I really, really hope that the MacArthur Foundation gives out genius grants for people who want to pursue advances in useless but shiny charts and graphs.

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Elise Gres said...

It was me. I commented, and let you know I was reading, and next thing you knew, other readers started saying hello as well. And then, of course, you were on a roll!