Thursday, September 20

They're Tighty, But They're Not Whitey

Complementary Spouse Britt Shirley loves magazines. He doesn't love reading them as much as he loves signing up for them, especially when there are frequent flyer miles involved.

At the Simanoff-Shirley household (which, Mrs. Cherizon Featheringcob suggest, should now just be called the Shiranoff household) we receive every travel magazine you've heard of, from Conde Nast Traveller to Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel. We get Newsweek, Money, This Old House, Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly (my favorite). We've let so many subscriptions lapse that I couldn't possibly remember them all.

We don't get Cat Fancy, Doll Magazine or Penguin Taxidermist Monthly. Yet. You might want to check our coffee table six months from now.

Of course, Britt and I also subscribe to several gay and lesbian magazines: Advocate, Out, Genre and the like. One of these magazines is called Instinct, and its coverage veers toward celebrities, fashion and entertainment.

Last night, as I was reading Instinct, I came across a two-page advertisement for underwear. The underwear comes in bright colors, like Starburst candies. It has the company's name, Otter, spelled out in rhinestones on the left thigh.

What's this colorful, constricting, glittery product called? Disco Sex underwear, of course!

I never see ads like this in Newsweek.

You can see Disco Sex underwear for yourself at the Otter Fashion Web site. Warning: this site is not safe for work -- not because there's anything dirty on it, but because your coworkers will question your judgment when they see the words "Disco Sex Underwear" on your screen.

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Tampa said...

What? No Martha Stewart Living? Turn in your cards immediately.