Friday, September 21

Today's Memo: Asshole In The Grey Audi

To: Asshole in the grey Audi, behind me yesterday at the intersection of Armenia Avenue and Horatio Street
From: Dave
Date: Sept. 21
Subject: The honking

You're such an asshole. I had only been stopped at the intersection for 10 seconds before you honked at me.

I wasn't idling for fun, you fuckwit. I didn't pull forward because if I had, I would have been sideswiped by a big ol' car heading south on Armenia. You couldn't see it because (a) you weren't sitting in the same location as me and (b) you're a huge giant asshole who horn should be removed from his vehicle and shoved forcibly and painfully into a very particular orifice. I'm pretty sure you know which one.


Jeff said...

Favorite word of the day (as of 8:50 a.m.): Fuckwit.

Tampa said...

One of my tricks is to hold up a digital camera and start snapping pictures of the mean people. And, like Jeff, I am fond of fuckwit. I have been using fucknut quite a bit, but fuckwit is good, too.