Thursday, September 13

Today's Memo: Jews

To: Jews
From: Dave
Date: Sept. 13
Subject: Behaviour

Okay, which one of us has been whipping out the Nikon in synagogue?

At the start of Rosh Hashanah services last night, Rabbi Birnholz reminded everyone to turn off their cell phones and pagers. That's a perfectly cromulent thing to do, as practically everyone carries a cell phone or pager these days, and it's easy to forget to switch it off.

Then he pointed out that since we were in synagogue, and about to begin a religious ceremony, it would not be appropriate to take photographs.

I was flummoxed. Who doesn't know this? I just assumed that everyone knew it was an improper thing to do. It's even in the Torah! (It's somewhere in the back, I think, near the part that says "On the 2,102,400th day, G-d invented TiVo, and He saw that it was good.")

With the exception of enthusiastic relatives during bar and bat mitzvahs, I've never seen anyone taking pictures during a religious service in a synagogue. I've certainly not seen it during a Rosh Hashanah service.

However, I don't think Rabbi Birnholz would have made an announcement about picture-taking unless it previously had been a problem.

So, my fellow Jews, it's time to fess up. Who among us has turned into the synagogue paparazzi, rushing the bima and blinding the rabbis and cantor with a non-stop barrage of flashes? Bad Jew! You'll have to atone for your wrongdoing. Fortunately, Yom Kippur is right around the corner.


Jeff said...

Can JewTube be far behind? OySpace?

I got a million of 'em.

Dave said...

JewTube? I love it! Let's craft a business plan and pitch it to some investors. We can go there in my new flying General Motors truck!

Jeff said...

Uh, oh. Someone beat us to it: