Saturday, September 15

Touching On "Torchwood"

I finally saw the premiere of "Torchwood" on BBC America today. The show appears to be a hybrid of "Doctor Who" and "Men in Black." I can't figure out why the lead character is an American, but I was delighted to see the series is set in Cardiff. In fact, the Torchwood team -- the top-secret group that hunts down aliens -- has its headquarters underneath Mermaid Quay and the Wales Millennium Centre, just a two-minute walk from where my parents lived last year.

Here's a photo I took:

Who knew my parents lived near such a hotbed of extra-terrestrial excitement? For that matter, who in the U.K. would have figured Cardiff would have been a hotbed of anything?

"Torchwood" may not be able to answer those two questions, but it seems like an entertaining show. I've set up a season pass on TiVo.

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