Saturday, September 8

A Very Special Edition Of The Four Questions

Ryland Simanoff, Dave's 10-week old nephew, is handling today's Four Questions.

Q. What is Ryland wearing today?
A. Ryland is wearing a very cute green-and-white-striped onesie, with a very cute alligator embroidered on the front. The gator-themed ensemble likely was selected by Ryland's parents, University of Florida alumni, in honor of today's college football game against Troy University.

Q. How does Ryland feel today?
A. Ryland spent much of the day smiling, sleeping and eating. He became somewhat fussy around 6 p.m., but even a little crying didn't diminish his cuteness.

Q. What are the factors affecting Ryland's mood today?
A. Ryland seemed happy that Grandma Gayle was visiting, and that Uncle Dave and Uncle Britt had driven up to Jacksonville for the weekend. He was also delighted by his early afternoon excursion to the Jacksonville Beach pier.

Q. Is Ryland the cutest, most adorable, smartest baby in the world?
A. Ryland shouldn't be expected to answer this question, as (a) he is too modest to answer it truthfully and (b) he is a baby and doesn't speak yet. The answer, of course, is yes.

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