Thursday, September 27

Where Unwanted Books Go To Die

There's a place in our newsroom where all of the unwanted, unsolicited books and promotional handouts go to die. It's called the freebie table.

Among the dreck, you'll find some interesting juxtapositions of titles.

Some examples:

Pay Dirt & The World's Dirtiest Film
"Pay Dirt"
"The World's Dirtiest Film"

"Boca Moon" & "South Beach Chicas Catch Their Man"
"Boca Moon"
"South Beach Chicas Catch Their Man"
Just a short hop away on I-95

"Postpartum Depression for Dummies" and "End of the World Blues"
"Postpartum Depression for Dummies"
"End of the World Blues"
I wonder if Tom Cruise has written the forward to either book

"Destination Weddings for Dummies" and "Postpartum Depression for Dummies"
"Destination Weddings for Dummies"
"Postpartum Depression for Dummies"
It's a before-and-after set

"Andy Roddick Beat Me With A Frying Pan" and "A Clubbable Woman"
"Andy Roddick Beat Me with a Frying Pan"
"A Clubbable Woman"

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