Monday, September 17

You Should Be Able To Tell A Book By Its Cover

Here's what I think. I think that if you're going to publish a book called "Street Nurse," and you're going to put a picture on the cover that shows a nurse hanging out on the sidewalk, then that book had ought to be about sexy nurse hookers. It should be filled with dialogue along the lines of: "Here, big boy, let me take your blood pressure. No, no, no, put your arm down. I'm going to take your pulse somewhere else."

Am I right? I'm right. I know I'm right.

However, here's the book that was lying out on the freebie counter at work -- the place that unsolicited books and CDs and other flotsam in the newsroom go to die:

"Street Nurse"

It's the autobiography of a legitimate nurse. Even though I'm gay, and therefore not the target audience for nurse sex kitten literature, I thought this was a huge letdown.

I think a more appropriate title for this book should be "The Utterly Nonarousing Adventures Of A Totally Genuine Nurse, Who Makes Housecalls But Not The Kind You've Seen On Cinemax After 11 O'Clock."

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