Thursday, October 18

Congratulations To The Blacks!

Mazel tov to my friends Michael and Chandler Black, who are expecting their second child. That's great news.

I've known Michael and Chandler since my family moved to South Florida in 1988. We were all in the same youth group: the B'nai B'rith Youth Organization. (Haganah AZA Chapter 2400 totally rules, and our sister chaper Shoshana BBG kicks ass too!)

Here's a picture that Mike recently sent me. I'm not completely sure about the story behind the photo, but I'm guessing that Mike promised to do something embarrassing if his employees met an important goal.

Here she is: Miss America -- er, Mike Black

I assume that Mike's team missed its goal, as this, to my recollection, is how Mike always looks.

Mike and Chandler live in South Florida, but Mike's heading to Tampa for business soon and I'm eager to catch up with him.

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