Saturday, October 6

Baby Pictures (Updated!)

My brother Lee took an unbearably cute picture of Ryland (the Cutest Baby in the World) this morning with his cameraphone and sent it to Complementary Spouse Britt Shirley -- but not to me!

What chutzpah! I sent Lee a text message demanding to know why I hadn't received a picture. Lee said he, in fact, had sent me the picture too.

This can only mean that Ryland is so cute that the Verizon wireless network could not handle transmitting the picture to more than one cellphone at the same time. If Lee had tried to send the picture to three people, the entire telecommunications system in the United States may have collapsed!

(When I thought Lee had forgotten to send me the photo, I was planning to make him feel guilty by telling him I had decided to root for LSU over the University of Florida in tonight's big football game. I reconsidered this plan after about three seconds. Lee would have seen right through me. And the idea of supporting the Tigers made me throw up a little in my mouth.)

I still haven't received my cameraphone picture of Ryland. I imagine it's slowly winding its way through the internets, like an overweighted canister in a pneumatic tube.

Fortunately, I don't have to wait to see the World's Cutest Baby. Lee sends along this video:

UPDATE: The cameraphone picture arrived! Check it out:

Ryland and "Tigers Bleaux" T-shirt

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