Thursday, October 18

Cuteness And Brains: A Powerful Combination

As everybody knows, my nephew Ryland is the Cutest Baby in the World. I use capital letters because this is an Established, Quantifiable fact, and not just my opinion.

What we didn't know until just recently is that Ryland is also the Smartest Baby in the World. (Note, once again, the use of capital letters.) He is already competing in local trivia contests, helping out his mom Michon and pop Lee. Look at him, deep in thought, as he tries to remember the name of the second Pope:

Ryland, deep in thought

The answer, Ryland said, was St. Linus. Of course, Ryland can't talk yet, so he has to be doubly smart to convey his answers to his parents. This time, he sucked his thumb and grabbed his blanket, pantomiming the Peanuts character Linus.

My nephew is so cute and so smart that he's already receiving application forms from Mensa and "America's Next Top Model."

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