Tuesday, October 2

Cutest Baby In The World Update

Ryland, the Cutest Baby in the World (remember -- I'm using capital letters because this is an Indisputable Fact, and not a matter of opinion), has now reached dangerously high levels of cuteness.

Before looking at the latest video and photo of my nephew, you might want to warm up by imagining something much less cute -- like, for example, puppies and kittens frolicking with baby penguins in a field of wildflowers.


First, here's a video my brother took. Keep watching, because one of Ryland's little friends makes a cameo appearance:

Second, here's the latest photo of Ryland. What's that on his onesie? Could it be an elephant? Uncle Britt and I are swelling with pride!

Ryland in his elephant onesie

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