Sunday, October 7

I Always Knew My College Education Would Pay Off Someday

I graduated from Emory University with BAs in English and history -- but who cares? According to the Web site, I'm smarter than a fifth grader! I'm tearing down my diploma and nailing this to the wall instead:

I Am Smarter Than A Fifth Grader!

Sample questions: A glossary is a compilation of synonyms and antonyms -- true or false? (Answer: False. The question is describing a thesaurus.) Lake Erie is one of the Great Lakes -- true or false? (Answer: True. Duh.) There were some truly elementary math questions, and one about when Veterans' Day falls on the calendar. The only one that I guessed at was about the Tappan Zee bridge: I knew it was in New York but I wasn't sure which river it crosses. (It's the Hudson. I guessed correctly.)

I'm a little disturbed at the idea that there's a game show that pits ordinary American adults against fifth graders. I'm even more disturbed by the thought that these are the sorts of questions that ordinary American adults aren't able to answer correctly.

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