Saturday, October 27

I Really Don't Care Who Wins (As Long As Georgia Loses)

The Florida-Georgia game is underway at last. Ten minutes into the first quarter, the score is tied at 7-7.

I lived in Georgia for four years when I went to Emory University, but have lived in Florida for much longer, and my brother and sister-in-law are both University of Florida graduates. Therefore, I'm rooting for Florida all the way.

At work yesterday, lots of people were wearing orange and green in support of the Gators.

Regrettably, quite a few people were wearing red and black for the Bulldogs:

Are you trying to seduce me, Mr. Belcher?

In the above photograph, Walt Belcher (whose leg is in the foreground) clumsily is reenacting a scene from "The Graduate."

Actually, he is showing off his garish University of Georgia sock to Dale Hokrein. Dale appears to be taking waaaaay too much interest in Walt's hosiery.

Mary Shedden, one of my favorite humans, didn't wear anything special to work Friday morning. She came back from lunch with a Gators hat and button:


My favorite Gators booster is my nephew Ryland, the Cutest Baby in the World. Lee and Michon forward this photo from Jacksonville:

Ryland says: Go Gators!

Ryland is tired because it takes hard work and determination to cheer on the Gators properly.

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