Thursday, October 18

Somewhere, We'll Find It: The Rainbow Connection

I've already mentioned (in a previous Four Questions) my thoughts on Radiohead's experiment in music retailing.

Now that I've purchased "In Rainbows," it's probably time to discuss what I think of the music tiself.

I've listened to the "In Rainbows" completely twice, and I've played some individual songs a few additional times. I feel the album was good but that I still need to listen to it some more, because there's something elusive that perhaps I should have heard but I didn't quite get.

You know that feeling when everyone else understands the punchline of a joke and you don’t? I felt a little bit like that. I wonder if there’s an epiphany on the third listen-through, or if "In Rainbows" will always feel over my head.

While the album as a whole felt out of grasp, some of the individual songs were brilliant – the first one, “15 Steps,” is a knock-out. And even if I didn’t grasp the entire album, at least it felt more enjoyable than Thom Yorke’s solo album.

All in all, I’d rather keep listening to Radiohead and feel challenged than listen to Coldplay and feel pandered to. It’s the difference between reading James Joyce’s “Ulysses” and Dan Brown’s “The DaVinci Code.”

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