Monday, October 8

A Movie Contest I'm Not Going To Enter

"Into the Wild" is the true story of the worst travel adventure ever. It's about a college graduate (an Emory University college graduate, in fact) who treks off into the wilderness to find himself -- and dies, miserably. He freezes and starves to death in Denali National Park in Alaska.

"Into the Wild" was published over 10 years ago, but it has just been turned into a movie. Lonely Planet, the UK-based company that publishes travel guides, is running a contest to promote the new film. The grand prize is your very own wilderness adventure to a location of your choice. One of the options: Alaska!

If you've just read a book or seen a film about a someone's grisly death in the middle of nowhere in Alaska, wouldn't you want to win a trip to the exact same spot? I know I would! Thanks, smart contest guys!

Into the Wild Lonely Planet contest screenshot

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